Overview :

MaxOrder is the Online Order Solution to manage home orders or catering orders, which can be delivered or picked up, as well as the ability to make orders “In Advance.”

It is integrated with the payment gateway to manage online payment using credit cards or SADAD Payment Method.

MaxOrder can give the user choice to select which time and date he wants to receive his order. He can order now and the order would go to the kitchen directly or select a certain date and time of receiving the order.

One of the unique modules in MaxOrder is “Catering” Services, where the user can select that his order is Catering services, so it should be ordered before certain days of the party date, with a certain minimum charge and with certain catering fees.
The user can select any date and time, and catering should be done in one of his saved addresses.

MaxOrder can give the user choice to select if he wants to receive his order from any branch. The user can select one of the branches which he would visit to get the order.

In MaxOrder, the user is able to track the progress of his order once he receives a confirmation email.